Pro Javascript Techniques

John Resig knows Javascript.

The first chapter gives a broad overview of the major topics the book will cover: object-orientated programming, testing, DOM scripting, event handling, CSS, Ajax and browser support. The second ch... Read More


Building the Perfect PC The Perfect PC is the one you build yourself.

Here's a book on building a few types of computers from scratch.

The first chapter is on the fundamentals. This covers what to know before starting out- the tools to have, basic hardware knowledge, etc. Here they cover the general layout of modern motherboards, ... Read More


Deliver First Class Web Sites

Checklists of things to keep in mind when designing and building a website.

Subtitled "101 Essential Checklists" this book might be thought of as a bunch of "remember to" or guide-lines to remember when developing new websites. The topics covered are pretty broad, ranging ... Read More


Dispatches From Blogistan

An early history of blogging as told though interviews.

Perhaps best described as a collection of interviews, lists and history, Dispatches is a quick read clocking in at just over 230 pages. Starting with newspapers in ancient China and Rome then on t... Read More


CyberSmart on Bloor

A print shop and internet cafe in Toronto's Korea town.

CyberSmart is located on the north-west corner of Bloor and Dovercourt. Admittedly - I had actually walked past the place quite a few times before thinking that it was a print shop (but I digress).... Read More



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