Founders at Work Stories of Startups' Early Days

Do something you like, beware of venture capitalists: In-depth interviews with people who have started many times.

When I first got this book I figured it was going to be another collection of interviews with various people involved in Internet start-ups that anyone who remembers what Mosaic was will probably h... Read More


Mafiaboy How I Cracked the Internet and Why It's Still Broken

Catching up with MafiaBoy. And he's got some advice for you.

The book is the story of Michael Calce's involvement in hacking, from his early adventures on AOL, launching the attacks on Yahoo, CNN and eBay in 1999 to the resulting investigation, trial and sen... Read More


PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)

Programming with PHP and MySQL with security in mind.

Many PHP books follow a similar arc: start with a bit of history of PHP, the major control structures and commands, then a series of simple projects maybe followed by an appendix or two listing var... Read More


Professional CodeIgniter

Set your code on fire, professionally. Seriously, it's a bright red book about the popular PHP framework.

Besides learning how to use CodeIgniter, in this book, readers are going to learn how to develop a website using Agile programming techniques while they put together a a simple shopping cart websit... Read More


Drupal 6 Themes

Learning the many ways to theme with Drupal 6

Packt's new book, Drupal 6 Themes, takes the reader though the process of creating themes for Drupal 6. It does this by first giving an overview of how themes work in Drupal, then what exactly can ... Read More


CakePHP Applications Development

Learning the CakePHP 1.2 framework though examples.

What is Cake? Along with others like Zend's framework, symfony and CodeIgniter, CakePHP is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around today, Originally inspired by Ruby on Rails, it incorporates... Read More


The Best of 2600 A Hacker Odyssey

A thick book of articles and history from one of the best known (and longest running) hacker magazines.

2600 was one of those magazines you  picked up and wondered, "you can print this stuff?" -- then paid  for it in cash. Back in the late '90s when I came across this small  19x20cm ma... Read More


Blogwars The New Political Battleground

David Perlmutter's book on how blogging is changing American politics.

David Perlmutter's Blogwars looks at how blogging has moved from the domain of Internet start-ups to part of the mainstream media. He specifically is interested in its effect on the political proce... Read More


Dojo Using the Dojo JavaScript Library to Build Ajax Applications

Using the Dojo to build better websites.

As one of the many quotes, at the start of each chapter, suggests, it's best to show rather than tell. So Using Dojo takes a practical approach by taking the reader through building registration fo... Read More


Taking your iPhone to the Max

Secrets of the iPhone.

At the start, this book does cover a lot of material that can be found in the iPhone’s manual. This means that the phone itself and each software application is given a pretty thorough covera... Read More


The Principles of Project Management

Learning project management

Ask someone what "project management" is and you're liable to get a few blank stares - it's one of those fields people have heard of, but probably have problems pinning down a definition. So that ... Read More


Google Apps Hacks

Not just Gmail, using Google's web applications to simplify your life.

One of the new style O'Rielly Hack books, this one looks at how to use Google's applications through a series of short examples (aka hacks) covering, not just the office applications, but many othe... Read More


Building Findable Websites Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond

Making your website understandable not only to search engines, but readers as well.

There's plenty of SEO books on the market, many written in just the last two years, Findable Websites goes further than some of these books into the whole area of making your website understandable... Read More


Connect! A Guide to a New Way of Working

Papa was a Digital Bedouin: Wherever he laid his Mac, was his home (office)

“Digital Bedouin” was one of the new styles of Internet company that grew up after the DotCom crash in 2000, it grew out of the availability then-new of mobile technologies like smart-p... Read More


Prototype and script.aculo.us You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This!

Using the Prototype and script.aculo.us Javascript libraries to simply your life.

Partly due to their association with Ruby on Rails, Prototype and script.aculo.us have become two of the best known Javascript libraries in the last few years. While there are no shortage of articl... Read More


Nachos and beer at Sneaky Dee's

Perhaps the best place to get Greek nachos in Toronto.

Sneaky Dee's is a Toronto institution, best known for the bands that played there during Toronto's last music heyday in the late 1970s. Today it continues to be a popular place for both veteran and... Read More


The CSS Anthology 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks (2nd Edition)

Practical advice on how to solve design problems with CSS.

The book is arranged into logical sections covering the major parts of web page design. It's then further broken into a question and answer format, e.g. "How do I style a structural list..." follow... Read More


Turbo Internet Cafe on Yonge

A gamer-friendly internet cafe on Yonge up in North York.

Located above a Panzerotto Pizza, up a long flight of stairs, the first thing I noticed was how open and bright the place was especially by the use of primary reds, blues and yellows on the walls a... Read More


Dreaming in Code Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software

There's more to creating a successful open source application than just the coding.

The story basically starts off with Mich Kapor, the man who started Lotus Software (best known for Lotus 1-2-3, the spreadsheet everyone used between VisiCalc and Excel). Just before leaving, he cr... Read More


Code Craft The Practice of Writing Excellent Code

A fun read and practical advice on writing good code.

One of the older arguments among programmers has to be, "What is programming?" Is it a trade or a science or something else? By its name, Code Craft would indicate the author leans towards it being... Read More



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