Friends With Benefits A Social Media Marketing Handbook

Having mutually beneficial relationships with social networks? With a title like that, No Starch where asking for it.

Friends With Benefits is aimed at people who are comfortable using the Internet, but aren't necessarily a web designer by trade. The format of the book is easy to follow, it's organized into sectio... Read More


Building OpenSocial Apps A Field Guide to Working with the MySpace Platform

An in-depth look at Google's OpenSocial specification.

OpenSocial was first released in November 2007, originally running only on Google's own Orkut social network. OpenSocial is a set of APIs that let applications access data and functions on social n... Read More


Safari and WebKit Development for iPhone OS 3.0

Developing for the mobile web the WebKit way.

When Apple initially announced that developers would be limited to writing web applications for the iPhone, there was predictable disappointment from developers; while Apple eventually relented and... Read More


Sony NWZS-544B

Sony's phone is good option if you need a Walkman and a phone.

The real question is this – do you need a cheap and gimmicky camera or are you (like me) in it for the music alone? There will be a lot of comparisons over the course of the review but for br... Read More


Best iPhone Apps The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders

A guide to some of the best things you can find in the App Store.

Josh Clark's Best iPhone Apps is a collection of 200 of what the author figures will make readers, "more productive, more creative, more happy". The format of this book is simple: there are seven b... Read More


WordPress 2.7 Cookbook

Get things done with WordPress without writing a lot of your own code.

By name recognition alone WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform in use today. An open source application written in PHP, WordPress has been in constant development since almost t... Read More


Online Marketing Inside Out

Marketing your websites from SEO to social networks.

The book explains that successful marketing involves steps summed up as: attract, engage and transact. However, equally important to executing a successful campaign is understanding the medium, whe... Read More


Sony Ericsson w380a review

Another good phone for music lovers.

2 years after purchasing the amazing w300i (which I still contend is probably the best introductory all-in-one whiz bang phone out there) this writer is once again the proud owner of a brand spanki... Read More


The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

From colour picking to layout to typography, a step-by-step guide to creating good looking websites.

Different than most books that have the words, "Web Design" in their title, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is not about using the latest PhotoShop features -- though there is some PhotoShop... Read More


The Huffington Post complete Guide to Blogging

A book about blogging, or maybe stories about blogging at The Huffington Post.

Despite never reading this blog until I picked up the book, I knew that the left-leaning Huffington Post (HuffPost) was well-known in the American political scene, but beyond that not too much. The... Read More


Racing The Beam The Atari Video Computer System

A well-written book about the Atari 2600 game system and the birth of the home video game industry.

It's worth asking, "Why does a video game system now over 30 years old, matter to anyone besides maybe fans of retro-gaming?" The answer the authors give is that this is where it all started: from ... Read More


The Google Way How One Company is Revolutionizing Management As We Know It

Dispite the over-the-top title, a pretty good read on what makes Google tick as told though interviews with former Googlers.

Google is young enough that there are still people on staff that go back to its beginnings, yet has been around long enough that the they've had its share of challenges along the way to becoming an... Read More


Front End Drupal Designing, Theming, Scripting

Tools and techniques for learning to create themes for the Drupal 6 CMS.

Drupal is a content management system that has been in development since 2001 with Drupal 6 being the current production version- Drupal 7 is currently available as a developer release. Front End D... Read More


Stealing MySpace The Battle to Control the Most Popular Website in America

At one time this title actually made sense. Still, it's a good read about the birth and growing pains of the first big social network.

While MySpace was not the first website to become accidentally successful, in Stealing MySpace, author Julia Angwin paints a picture of its success being almost a side-story to the personalities in... Read More


Learning jQuery 1.3

Learning to use jQuery to build better websites, though examples and popular plug-ins.

Learning jQuery 1.3 aims to teach the reader a bit of everything that this popular JavaScript library offers and provide a guide to some of the more useful plug-ins available for it. It starts by t... Read More


Developing with Google App Engine

Building web applications on the shoulders of Google, with Python.

App Engine is Google's framework for letting external developers write software on Google's infrastructure. As such the book serves three purposes: explaining what exactly Google App Engine is (not... Read More


The cult of the Amateur How today's Internet is killing our culture

You might not agree with some (or most) of what he says, but Andrew Keen knows how to write a enjoyable polemic.

Andrew Keen writes with a lyrical style that stands out among writings by technical people with phrases like, on blog writing: "our private lives, our sex lives... our lack of lives, our Second Liv... Read More


Hello Android Introducing Google's mobile development platform

An introduction to programming Google's Android OS.

Hello Android is one of the first books on Google's Android platform. According to Google, "Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key appl... Read More


Neuro Web Design What makes them Click?

Before starting on your next website, put your customer on the couch; a little psychology can lead to more effective web sites.

Neuro Web Design presents examples of how an understanding of psychology can be used to design more effective web sites. It does this by first explaining a theory of how the human brain can be divi... Read More


Algorithms in a Nutshell A desktop quick reference

Before picking an algorithm know what problem you're trying to solve.

Algorithms in a Nutshell is a book aimed at programmers who need practical examples of how to use them to solve problems in their software. As the authors say right in the beginning, they didn't wa... Read More



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