3 Downtown Toronto Internet Cafes

In spite of nearly every Toronto coffee shop having WiFi, Internet cafes can still be found.

Internet Dot Com Internet Cafe Browsing the net is such a common past time these days, why not at a place that offers up a friendly ambiance and warm atmosphere? Internet Dot Com is such a place. L... Read More


Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution (25th Anniversary Edition)

50 years of hacking, from the people behind 2600

Hackers is a story, beginning in the U.S. in the 1950s, about how we got to the personal computer in the early 1980s. It’s told as series of chapters that follow some of the individuals invol... Read More


Noir Coffee & Tea on St. Clair

Elaborate Asian-inspired decor, friendly service, delicious drinks - and power-outlets!

Noir Coffee & Tea is the latest, up and coming cafe that should be visited on the St. Clair West strip. With Starbucks and Word Class Bakers as nearby neighbours, Noir, an independently owned c... Read More


Developer's Guide to Social Programming Building Social Context Using Facebook, Google Friend Connect, and the Twitter API

A bit of REST, a bit of CodeIgnitor and a lot of JSON and APIs

As the book’s title indicates, it covers using the APIs provided by Twitter, Facebook and Google to connect your site to them and share data between them. The book is organized into four sect... Read More


Map Scripting 101 An Example-Driven Guide to Building Interactive Maps with Bing, Yahoo!, and Google Maps

Beyond GoogleMaps, using Bing and Yahoo maps in your web apps.

When developers have looked to add an interactive map to their web pages Google Maps is probably near the list of providers, however there are several other choices available, not to mention what i... Read More


Learn Java for Android Development

Before you compile, you need to learn Java.

The title of the book says it all: its goal is to teach readers the Java language so that they can go on to learn how to develop applications for Android - or any other framework or OS where Java p... Read More


The Myths of Innovation

Scott Berkun does some myth-busting.

There is a quote about this book that describes it as a, “hilarious, fast-paced ride through the history of ideas” and that’s a pretty good description; Scott Berkun has written w... Read More


Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes

Eight chapters by four experts on theming Wordpress.

There are more than a few books out there on theming Wordpress, but Sitepoint has a history (unless you go way back to the early 2000s when the content was just as solid as now, but the layout seem... Read More


High Performance JavaScript

Performance is in the details.

JavaScript and the browsers that run it have come a long way since JavaScript was primarily known as the enabler of endless pop-up windows users encountered when visiting some, well actually, a lot... Read More


Beginning Android 2

Now that you know Java, why not learn some Android APIs?

2010 is probably going to be remembered as the year Android’s luck changed. After several years of lacklustre phones, 2010 started with the release of the Google's own Nexus phone and that tu... Read More


The Art of Assembly Language (2nd Edition)

What really goes on deep inside your computer?

The Art of Assembly Language started off as a book used by Randall Hyde to teach a course on assembly language in the late 1980s, since then it grew into the book released in 1996 and the second ed... Read More


Professional WordPress Design and Development

Out of the over 300 books on WordPress, few actually get down into the into WordPress' code itself. Professional WordPress is that kind of book.

It goes without saying that WordPress is one of, if not the, most recognized names in blogging software. Since it arriving in 2003, it has grown to the point that several million websites are runni... Read More


Open Government Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice

One thing is the book is not a Utopian view of what is possible. The authors point out issues like the motives of groups or individuals.

Each chapter in Open Government covers either a project (like a website), or an idea or reports on ways of achieving the goal of creating institutions that are easier for outsiders to examine. Ther... Read More


Designing Web Interfaces Principals and Practices for Rich Interactions

Designing sites that are easy to use is still a challenge because the challenge is only partly technical.

The Problem: For most of the history of the web, just getting something up on the screen that resembles your original design — in two or more web browsers — has been a challenge on it&r... Read More


Coders at Work Reflections on the Art of Programming

Talking to programmers.

The interviews in Coders at Work have a number of common themes that come up: is programming an art or a science?, the changing environment for programmers and the changing nature of writing softwa... Read More


Free as in Freedom Richard Stallman’s Crusade for Free Software

"Crusade" might be a word that gets thrown around a lot, but have you met Richard Stallman?

First published in 2002, Free as in Freedom is the story of free software activist Richard Stallman. Stallman is best know for created the Free Software movement that led to the General Public Lice... Read More


Smashing WordPress Beyond the Blog

Make your next WordPress site a smashing success (and make sure it doen't get smashed.)

Just to clear-up any confusion, Smashing WordPress is the 2nd book from German-based Smashing magazine - and has nothing to do with hacking WordPress sites, in fact the first chapter includes a cou... Read More


Essential Facebook Development Build Successful Applications for the Facebook Platform

Put your website on Facebook or put a bit of Facebook on your site, this book shows you how.

Late last year The Economist magazine came out with an update to their special report on social networking. One of their earlier predictions that had been proved wrong (so far) was that, rather tha... Read More


The Art of Scalability Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise

The word "scalability" might invoke talk of load balancing or the proper placement of JavaScript blocks, but that would only cover the "process" part of Martin Abbott and Michael Fisher's new book.

First-off, the The Art of Scalability is not about the technical process of building a high-performance website, rather it's aimed at technology executives, engineers and architects who will be dev... Read More


Sam's Teach Yourself Drupal in 24 Hours

If you have 24 hours to spare, why not learn Drupal?

Drupal's history goes back around 2001 when it was one of the many Content Management Systems (CMS) that had sprung up along with the growing popularity of PHP. Maybe there is something about PHP o... Read More



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