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  • Smart Access Internet Cafe / LAN Gaming

    Toronto, Ontario

    Smart Access is an internet cafe at 255 Wellesly St., west of Parliament St. in Toronto's St. Jam...

  • Evergreen Compu... Computer Store

    North Vancouver, British Columbia

    Evergreen Computers is at 1914 Lonsdale Ave. a few blocks south of 23rd St. in North Vancouver, BC.

  • iRepair Phones and Accessories

    Toronto, Ontario

    This iRepair Mac and iPhone repair store is at 1184 Kennedy Rd. between Lawrence ave and Ellesmer...

  • Mobile Tech Xpress Electronics

    St Catharines, Ontario

    Mobile Tech Xpress is a phone repair store located at 307 Merritt St. north of Glendale Ave. in S...


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Canadian App Makes Android Devices Kid-Proof

Lock up your Android phone or tablet with this app that lets parents restrict what apps kids use, who can call them. 11-Nov-2012

6 Tips for using free Wi-Fi Safely

Six tips for things to watch out for when using free WiFi when out on the road. 9-Nov-2012

Finding Free Wifi Near Ryerson

Looking for places to study or work near Ryerson? Here's our list of places you can find free WiFi, power outlets and reasonably-priced caffeine at. 3-Sep-2012

Original Macintosh Design Team Interview Video

Interviews with 5 designers recorded in October 1983 for Apple TV commercials that never ran. 23-Aug-2012

Finding Free Wifi Near UofT

Looking for places to study or work near UofT? Here's our list of places you can find free WiFi, power outlets and reasonably-priced caffeine at. 22-Aug-2012


Podcasting for Dummies

I wanted to be on the other side of the podcasting fence - I wanted to be the one podcasting my message to the masses. And so I bought this book. 2-Dec-2011

Revolution in the Valley

Andy Hertzfeld's insiders tale of the birth of the Mac. 28-Nov-2011

Drupal User's Guide

By the same author of last year’s well-regarded Front End Drupal; this similarly-sized book is aimed more at beginners. 5-Nov-2011

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

If last-year's Professional WordPress is the must-have book for WordPress developers, then Definitive is at least the equivalent for Drupal developers. 24-Oct-2011

Learning HTML5 Game Programming

Until recently, without Flash or Java, the kinds of games you could create tended to be less action orientated, though some enterprising types had built late 1970s favourites. 17-Oct-2011

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