Turbo Internet Cafe on Yonge

A gamer-friendly internet cafe on Yonge up in North York.

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Located above a Panzerotto Pizza, up a long flight of stairs, the first thing I noticed was how open and bright the place was especially by the use of primary reds, blues and yellows on the walls and some plants on some of the windowsills. The place itself is one large room with maybe 20 computers and one smaller room off to the front. When I got there, the attendant assigned me a computer in the smaller room near the front of the place, with the option to pay afterwards. I stayed for half an hour and the cost was a loonie. As per most Internet cafes, chips, pop and drinks where available at the usual prices.

The computer I used was an AMD Sempron 3000+, 1.8Ghz, WinXP Pro V2002, SP2 with 768MB RAM and included a Dell-branded flat-screen, two speakers and the system was set up in Korean, so it was a bit of a problem finding things, but once I downloaded FireFox (all of 10 seconds), I had no problems at all. Software available included: MS Office (all) Photoshop/Imageready CS2, Starcraft, Frozen Throne, casetup, Crazy Arcade, several Korean games.

Overall, the place looks clean, the furniture is good- some mid-back black chairs, clean desks and the equipment looks like it's taken care of.

Also, as it's a new place, they're having some special events for the month of March and April, call them to find out. They have some fliers available listings what is on.

Date published: 22-Mar-2007




Turbo Internet Cafe

5171 Yonge St., 2nd Floor


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