The World's Biggest Bookstore

A personal favourite. Books that may be hard to find in other places will be found more easily here owing to its vast collection.

By: Nabeel


I've always enjoyed a large collection of books, but large collections of books that are very useful, up-to-date, and recent publications are hard to find. Libraries have large collections of books, but many books are old and not very useful. However, bookstores really stand out when you want the latest books on any topic of interest. The best bookstore in all of Toronto, and probably Canada, must be the World's Biggest Bookstore. Located near Edward and Yonge Streets, it is a one-stop place for all the books you need.

The World's Biggest Bookstore is operated by Chapters Indigo, and its collection comprises a vast empires of fiction and non-fiction topics. Among its collection of books on literature, art, history, language, cooking, health and other special interest topics, those interested in literature on computers, software, hardware and the latest in technology will find everything they need. I've seen books on graphic design, video editing, programming, computer building, app development for mobile phones, and books related to the latest in technological know-how.

The greatest strength of a bookstore is the collection and variation of the books it offers, however the World's Biggest Bookstore offers more than just that. They have apple computers on hand at kiosks around the store where you can search for books in the store, check availability, order books that are not stocked, read summaries and a whole lot more. Staff are friendly and available when you need them and will help you find what you are looking for easily. You will spend hours in the store browsing through all kinds of amazing books. I was quite astounded at how much is available there.

I myself have bought three books from this store, related to my other passion which is martial arts (other than of course technology!). I spent quite a lot of time in the store even though I found the books I liked quickly. Staff will let you walk around browsing away even if they notice you aren't really going to buy anything. Student are allowed to walk around with backpacks, but there are security guards in the store to prevent shoplifting.

Being located close to the Ryerson University campus, it's a great place for students looking for great books to buy from. Books that may be hard to find in other places will be found more easily here owing to its vast collection. This bookstore is my personal favourite and a definite recommendation to anyone looking for a great place to find books on any topic or interest. Check it out, and I promise you wont be displeased!

World's Biggest Bookstore
20 Edward Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 977-7009
Nearest subway: Dundas Station (1 block south/east)

Date published: 08-Feb-2011






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