The Facebook Marketing Book

The book is a pretty slim volume, about 260 pages, but it’s an easy read too with plenty of screenshots.

By: Staff


The Facebook Marketing Book is O’Reilly’s new book about how to market a company or organization using Facebook in a way that is effective at reaching Facebook’s members.

The book’s twelve chapters cover the different parts of Facebook users can create content in, what are appropriate ways to use those parts and how to market and track results using the tools Facebook provides.

After an introductory chapter on social networking, the next five chapters each focus on one part of Facebook: its Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events and applications. Profiles will, as the summer movie poster reminded us, be familiar to more than 500 million people, but some of the other parts will be less so. After covering the parts, chapter seven looks at customizing your Page. One point of importance to businesses might not be: unlike other social networks, Facebook reserves Profiles for actual people, businesses and other organizations have to set-up Pages or Groups instead.

Chapters eight through ten focus on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool. This is really the best part of the book. Time and time again the book reminds readers why users come to Facebook: to socialize. There is a good amount of material on doing marketing and SEO that works in the context of Facebook. These chapters go through looking at how to develop a strategy that helps you’re ads stand out, how to cross-promote on Facebook and managing a Page.

Finally, the last two chapters are more of a “nuts and bolts” chapter on how to create ads and track results using the tools Facebook provides.

The book is a pretty slim volume, about 260 pages, but it’s an easy read too with plenty of screenshots. It seems aimed at people who already have a bit of a marketing background and are at least somewhat familiar with Facebook.


Date published: 22-Jan-2011





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