Podcasting for Dummies

I wanted to be on the other side of the podcasting fence - I wanted to be the one podcasting my message to the masses. And so I bought this book.

By: Joseph


I'm a podcast junkie, for sure. It started with cartoon version of the Ricky Gervais podcast, continued with a series of pro wrestling themed podcasts and now I'm up to at least 10/week.  So - having said that - I realized I wanted to be on the other side of the podcasting fence - I wanted to be the one podcasting my message to the masses.  And so I bought this book.  The first thing I did was read it from cover to cover.  I didn't really have to but I wanted to write this review and so...  The first thing they point out is that you really don't have to read this book from cover to cover.  Having said that - I'm glad I did as there was a whole lot of really useful tips that I wouldn't have picked up otherwise (like how to convert .wav files to .mp3 in the iTunes program).  Wiley (the publisher) has provided a series of companion Podcasting for Dummies podcasts by authors Chuck Tomasi and Tee Morris.  These are excellent and I would even go so far as to say that if you just listened to these and didn't pick up or read the book you'd still end up a better podcaster (but you should still consider buying the book anyway).  The book is excellent and you really should read it AND listen to the companion podcasts if there's a possibility that you think may find yourself opening a Podbean account and dealing with RSS in the near future.

I have to admit I got a lot more out of the book on the 2nd read as I was already into the first few weeks of thebshow (shameless plug - thebshow.podbean.com).  I would most assuredly advise potential podcasters to be to just start releasing anything and worry about the technical details in progress (like I said - I got a lot more out of the book when I was actually applying these techniques or had already done so).

This book is totally and completely worth buying.


Date published: 02-Dec-2011





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