Noir Coffee & Tea on St. Clair

Elaborate Asian-inspired decor, friendly service, delicious drinks - and power-outlets!

By: Java


Noir Coffee & Tea is the latest, up and coming cafe that should be visited on the St. Clair West strip. With Starbucks and Word Class Bakers as nearby neighbours, Noir, an independently owned cafe, stands out from the bunch with its elaborate Asian inspired decor, friendly service, and delicious drinks.

The cafe is brick walled and dimly lit. There are numerous tiny details and decor blanketing the space and tables which add on to its charm: orchids, ornaments, and lamps.

The menu is extensive. The standard drinks are available: cappuccinos ($3-4), lattes ($3-4), moccachinos ($3.50-4.50), and Americanos ($4). Fair trade coffee and loose leaf tea is also served here.  A unique item to see on the board is Vietnamese coffee ($4); it’s a rich and slightly addictive drink to enjoy, especially during the winter.

Alongside drinks, Noir serves freshly made sandwiches ($5). You can also indulge in bean salad, potato salad, or muffins and scones and various desserts. If you a sweet tooth; you can get your fix here. If not; you can still get your fix.

I had a chicken breast sandwich with chopped pickles, spring onion, and cranberries. I had a moccachino to drink. The sandwich was small but flavourful. The textures of the grainy bread and ingredients mingled in my mouth. The ingredients combined provided a slight tang that satisfied my hunger. The moccachino, with its beautiful rosetta on top, slid smoothly down my throat. The chocolate was subtle and the milk was silky and smooth; just the way I like it.

Wi-fi is free. However, I noticed a sign that said there’s a half hour time limit on weekends and holidays.  There are power outlets at every table.  Noir welcomes and houses a variety of customers from babies, undergrads, and post-grads to retired seniors. Noir is a quiet and relaxed cafe where you can get your work done easily — or, you can enjoy a drink and catch up with a friend in a beautiful and elaborate space.

Monday – Thursday: 7 AM – 6 PM
Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM
Sat – Sun: 8 AM – 7 PM

701 St. Clair Avenue West (St. Clair & Christie)
Noir Coffee & Tea profile

Date published: 06-Dec-2010





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