CyberSmart on Bloor

A print shop and internet cafe in Toronto's Korea town.

By: Joseph


CyberSmart is located on the north-west corner of Bloor and Dovercourt. Admittedly - I had actually walked past the place quite a few times before thinking that it was a print shop (but I digress). The place really does resemble a print shop on the inside also (not that I'm diss'ing the decor but yellow walls? hmmm). Much like boys and girls at the beginning of a high school dance the computers face the wall and there is enough space in between every one that you can pretty easily ignore the user seated next to you (for the record - I've never had to sit next to anyone- hooray!). You can pay for time at the beginning or end of the session and the rates $2/hr and 30 min. for a loonie are definitely reasonable. The hours (10AM - 2AM) are not bad either (the only gripe I might have is that I've often tried to log on just before 1AM to find that the place was closing early - but on with the review).

The most important part of the iCafe experience for myself is access speed as I always need to catch up on some cybercast. The machines at this iCafe always handle these chores in stride even at the higher resolution levels. For this reason alone CyberSmart has become the spot that I routinely head to on the weekends when my reports are due. But there's more.

The equipment itself is always kept very clean and I've not ever had a program glitch on me while I'm using it (so far so good). Programs available on the desktop included: MS Office, Need For Speed, NBA LIVE 2004, FIFA 2004, Call of Duty (single and double-player versions), Medal of Honor Allied Assaut, Stagecraft Brood War, Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, Frozen Throne, Steam, Battlefield 1942, UnReal, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger 7.5, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ 4, GameSpy Arcade, mIRC, Paltalk Messenger, Excite Private Messenger, Skype, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Logitech Image Studio, ALZip, Adobe Acrobat, WinZip, Norton Ghost, Alcohol 120%, Logitech Gallery, iTunes, QuickTime Player, LimeWire 4.9.11, Kazaa Lite K++, Winamp, WinMX and RealPlayer.

Date published: 26-May-2006





982 Bloor St.


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