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  • Smart Access Internet Cafe / LAN Gaming

    Toronto, Ontario

    Smart Access is an internet cafe at 255 Wellesly St., west of Parliament St. in Toronto's St. Jam...

  • Evergreen Compu... Computer Store

    North Vancouver, British Columbia

    Evergreen Computers is at 1914 Lonsdale Ave. a few blocks south of 23rd St. in North Vancouver, BC.

  • iRepair Phones and Accessories

    Toronto, Ontario

    This iRepair Mac and iPhone repair store is at 1184 Kennedy Rd. between Lawrence ave and Ellesmer...

  • Mobile Tech Xpress Electronics

    St Catharines, Ontario

    Mobile Tech Xpress is a phone repair store located at 307 Merritt St. north of Glendale Ave. in S...


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Canadian App Makes Android Devices Kid-Proof

Lock up your Android phone or tablet with this app that lets parents restrict what apps kids use, who can call them. 11-Nov-2012

6 Tips for using free Wi-Fi Safely

Six tips for things to watch out for when using free WiFi when out on the road. 9-Nov-2012

Finding Free Wifi Near Ryerson

Looking for places to study or work near Ryerson? Here's our list of places you can find free WiFi, power outlets and reasonably-priced caffeine at. 3-Sep-2012

Original Macintosh Design Team Interview Video

Interviews with 5 designers recorded in October 1983 for Apple TV commercials that never ran. 23-Aug-2012

Finding Free Wifi Near UofT

Looking for places to study or work near UofT? Here's our list of places you can find free WiFi, power outlets and reasonably-priced caffeine at. 22-Aug-2012


PC Village Scarborough

My first purchase at this PC Village was a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22” monitor. This purchase was almost four years ago and its still running great. 7-Apr-2011

Tequila Bookworm on Queen West

A friend had told me about this amazing dig that they’d found on Queen Street. 22-Mar-2011

Dark Horse Espresso Bar on Spadina

At night, business people looking for a spot of tea after work and students looking for their midnight coffee fix share the large communal tables, their differences forgotten over a hot cup of Joe 5-Mar-2011

Canada Computers at Pacific Mall

For my computer purchase at Canada Computers, I chose every single part including processor, motherboard, graphics card, sound card, hard drives, RAM, optical drives, power supply and even the case. 19-Feb-2011

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